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System for processing, displaying and recording information of Baltika VTS



The system for processing, displaying and recording information from COORI Baltika is intended for onshore vessel traffic control systems (VTS). The system has a modular structure of construction, the system software runs under the control of the real-time operating system.

SOORI Baltika VTS:





The main software modules of COORI Baltika VTS are:


COORI Baltika meets the requirements for the highest category VTS equipment and has a valid type approval of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 3 / 1-2750-2013A dated July 09, 2013.






Workstation of the pilot VTS operator


It connects to coastal radar stations of any manufacturer.
It mates with an automatic information system (AIS).
Provides automatic guidance of television navigation systems.
It has a built-in radio control interface, interface with databases data weather stations, direction finders and other auxiliary sensors.
Supports standard electronic maps S57.

VTS Information Registration Subsystem


Performs continuous recording of radar information in sync with audio conversations. The archiving time is from 3 to 60 days.
Provides viewing of the recorded information in real time and accelerated mode.
Zooms in any part of the observation zone, tracks the routes of vessels, performs various measurements with the help of sight and cursor.
Provides overlaying cartographic information (S57).
Allows you to simultaneously listen to several VHF channels with indication of the channel on which you are negotiating.
Selection of an arbitrary time (fragment) to view or to remove data on external media.
In view mode, it can use the built-in system for the development of vessel motion parameters (ARPA).
Conducts parallel documentation of secondary information available from external sources (synthetics, databases, AIS, meteo, etc.) .
Allows you to remotely work with the registered information.


VTS System Engineer Terminal



Controls and monitors:

Parameters of the radar surveillance system
Parameters of the radiocommunication system
Parameters of the telecommunications system (computer networks, radio relay link, etc.)
Parameters of the power supply system of the VTS objects
Parameters of the VTS object security system
Parameters of the fire extinguishing system of the VTS facilities
Parameters of the archiving system
Continuous recording of the VTS system parameters log file
Realizes the automatic or manual control modes of the VTS equipment