Universal Radar Terminal of the Airfield Overview System

  • Reception of analog signals from radar
  • Quantization and filtering of video signals
  • Forming of ancillary screen graphics: cursor, pointers, and alike
  • Automatic tracking of radar targets: defining of parameters of target position, movement and degree of risk posed thereby
  • Display of target parameters in graphic and character & digital modes
  • Forming of an electronic chart of the scenery on the screen
  • Local control/Control of RLM operation
  • Stop-frame recording of the screen picture
  • Playback of screen picture recordings


Conforms to the State Standard GOST R 51505-99 of the Russian Federation. Certified by the Inter-State Aviation Committee, Type Certificate No. 332 of 1 September 2003. Recommended for installation in airports of the Russian Federation by Order No. r-34-SN of the Federal Agency of Air Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation