Software of AIS Devices Network (AIS-Server)


The software is designed both for operation as part of complex vessel traffic control systems (VTS) and engineering and technical features for traffic safety (ITFTS), and for creation of separate AIS networks, for example, on inland waterways. Provides control of AIS devices network, as well as processing and transmission of information on targets to consumers.

SW may be used:

  • in vessel traffic control system;
  • in state border security systems (border authorities, naval forces);
  • in water areas security systems (harbor waters security services, Ministry of Internal Affairs, customs services);
  • at stationary oil production off-shore facilities and oil-loading terminals;
  • in AIS networks on inland waterways.

Complies with the following standards: ITU-R 1371.4, IEC 61162-1, IEC 61162-2, IEC 61993-2, IEC 62320-1, IALA Recommendation A 124, TET No. MF-02-22/848-70 VTS

Tasks Solved

  • AIS-Server software solves the following tasks:
  • control of distribution network of AIS base stations and receivers;
  • realization of device redundancy schemes;
  • control of AIS devices settings;
  • manual switching of sources  in schemes with redundancy;
  • diagnostics of AIS devices condition;
  • diagnostics results displaying;
  • integration of information from distributed AIS devices network;
  • saving of information on AIS targets in database; 
  • saving of security messages and binary text telegrams in database;
  • sending of messages to AIS targets with selection of the best base station  for transmission of address messages;
  • providing of access to target and message database to consumers;
  • providing of dualization of distributed AIS devices network server control functions for organization of server hot reserve.



Additional Options

  • interaction with AIS devices both via  series communication channels, and via  network (TCP, UDP);
  • isolation of access to settings on the basis of user authentification.

Comprehensive Approach

For modeling and debugging purposes, simulator of AIS base stations may be supplied in addition to AIS-Server software.