Cartographic Server S57/S63


Software of cartographic server is designed both for operation as part of sea-surface display system, and for creation of separate  chart-servers, for example, for tasks of centralized distribution of electronic navigation charts, including for systems, supporting only raster layers.

SW may be used:

  • Ÿin navigational environment display systems (Vessel Traffic Control System (VTS), engineering and technical features for traffic safety (ITFTS);
  • Ÿas part of  software of radar indicators;
  • Ÿas part of  single shipboard chart-server;
  • Ÿfor connection with mobile devices (smartphones/pads) for display of  electronic navigation charts;
  • Ÿon inland waterways.

Cartographic Server Composition

Software of cartographic server consists of the following components:

  • ŸChart-server. Performs functions with drawing of charts and transmission of formed graphic images to clients.
  • ŸChart storage controller. Controls chart storage. Provides addition/deletion of charts, control of licenses S63, check of chart storage integrity.
  • ŸClient library. Allows to integrate support of electronic navigation charts quickly to object-oriented SW.

Main Advantages

  • Ÿcross-platformness (at the present moment cartographic subsystem is compiled and used in OS Windows, QNX4, QNX6, Linux, Android, Blackberry Tablet OS and the list may be extended);
  • Ÿnetwork architecture (interaction between chart-server and client may be realized both within one computing machine, and between different computing machines).