Radar-Server ERPS-1U Rack Mount


Version for 19” racks

Series module ERPS1 is located in 19’’, only 1U high! The body is dust-proof, there are no fans inside the body, which helps to prolong operating life of article. All the connectors are located on face side of the device, providing convenience of assembling.

Radar Compatibility

Radar-processor allows to connect without additional devices with wide set of home and foreign radars. For connection with external systems, up to 6 ports  with interfaces RS-232/422/485 may be used. Digital inputs have optronic isolators.

Double Power Supply

Basic equipment of device includes two sources of power supply: from 220V alternating current mains and from 9…36V direct current mains with standby input.

Modular Architecture

Central processor of the system is made as standard industrial module of ETX format. Depending on  the tasks being solved, system capacity and its power consumption may be optimized.

Application Field

  • Modernization of early radars for transmission of radar information (RI) via networks Ethernet, TCP/IP.
  • Bridging navigation systems.
  • Shore indicator posts.
  • Vessel traffic control systems.
  • Primary RI archiving systems.
  • Security systems of facilities and water areas.

Application Programs Support

The radar server is supported by line of software products, developed and supplied by Marine Complexes & Systems Plus LLC.

Main Technical Characteristics

System Capabilities:

  • Kontron ETX-LX, 500MHz, random-access memory 512MB
  • Kontron ETX-LX, 500MHz, random-access memory 512MB-1GB
  • Solid-state memory 512MB-2GB.


  • ADC parameters: 10 bits, up to 80 MHz, 2 channels.
  • Connection with any digital angle-data transmitters, parallel code up to 13 bits.
  • Interbeam and interscan digital filtration.
  • Analogue profile of periodic automatic gain control (PAGC) by range.
  • Command issue  synchronously with antenna rotation (radiation blocking etc.)
  • Hardware separation of targets from primary RI.
  • Automatic tracking of targets.
  • Packing of primary RI in 8,4,2 bits.
  • Hardware check of input signals presence.


  • 2 BNC: ADC analog inputs.
  • 1 BNC: trigger.
  • 7 digital inputs from radar with optronic isolator.
  • 8 digital TTL outputs of radar control.
  • 6 UART: RS-232 (2), RS-422/485 (4).
  • 1 LAN Ethernet 100base TX.
  • 2 USB.
  • 1 VGA.
  • PS/2 (keyboard + mouse).

Other Information:

  • Power supply: 220AC; 9...36DC with standby.
  • Temperature range (-25˚С … +55˚С).
  • Relative humidity up to 98% at temperature of 30°C.
  • Dimensions 19’’ 1U.


  • Operating system: QNX 4.25, QNX 6.X.
  • Special software of radar-server “Baltika”.