Built-in Radar Processor MORS8


Innovative Approach

New modular architecture of construction of radar image processing system, where high-powered computing system is made as compact built-in module and optimized for radar data processing. This allows to use such solution in a great number of applications practically in any form factor and in any temperature range.

Unique Opportunity

Module MORS8 may be used both for preliminary processing of signal  and its  transmission to Ethernet network, and for creation of  radar indicator, due to presence of  built-in  graphic video system.

Application Field

  • Modernization of early radars for transmission of radar information via networks Ethernet, TCP/IP;
  • Bridging navigation systems;
  • Shore indicator posts;
  • Primary RI archiving systems;
  • Integration of indicators with radar stations of different manufacturers.

High Efficiency

Module MORS8 includes DSP processor, operating on frequency of 600 MHz, as well as PLIC-based (programmable logic integrated circuit) radar co-processor. The module  has DDR2 memory of up to 1GB, which allows to execute interbeam and interscan filtration of radar information at  sampling frequencies of up to 80 MHz.

Low Power Consumption

MORS8 low power consumption allows to create  compact air-proof  versions of  radar-processors and radar-servers without mechanical cooling systems, operating in any climatic conditions.

Main Advantages

  • Low power consumption;
  • Possibility of development for  specific  weigh and dimensions characteristics;
  • Possibility of  version complying with  most severe climatic requirements;
  • Adaptive inputs for  connection with any types of Radars, including entry of parallel signals and series code;
  • Quick start and readiness for operation.

Main Technical Characteristics

Radar Image Processing:

  • Digitization frequency of up to 80MHz, 4096 quantization levels.
  • Range resolution of MORS8-based radar system of up to 1,85m.
  • Interbeam and interscan digital filtration.
  • Analogue profile of periodic automatic gain control (PAGC) by range.
  • Support of antenna position sensor  with series and parallel code, pulse sensors with 180-16384 pulses per one rotation.


  • DSP 600 MHz.
  • External memory DSP DDR2 300 MHz, up to 512 MB.
  • NAND Flash, up to 2 GB.
  • PLIC-based (programmable logic integrated circuit) co-processor.
  • External memory of co-processor DDR2 300 MHz, up to 512 MB.


  • 6 UART (RS-232, RS-422/485).
  • 60 GPIO PLIC, LVTTL up to 300 MHz + 8 GPIO DSP.
  • 15 GPIO inputs for entry of signals with photon-coupled isolators;
  • MII for Ethernet 10/100 (UTP, WiFi, optic fiber).

Other Information:

  • Starting and readiness for operation time not more than 10 seconds.
  • Power supply of up to 5V.
  • Low power consumption (up to 5,5W).
  • Power supply of external consumers (+3,3V up to 3А; +4,5В up to 100 mА, -4V up to 100 mА).
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 °C … +85 °C).
  • Relative humidity up to 98% at temperature of 30°C.
  • Dimensions 75х75х8 mm.
  • Built-in instrumental monitoring of parameters: voltage, current and temperature.

Application Programs Support:

New radar processor is supported by line of  software products, developed and supplied by  Marine Complexes & Systems Plus LLC.