RadarViewer - application for Android devices



The program is designed for the radar image viewing on Android tablets and phones. Radar information is transmitted through Ethernet network from  MC&S+ company devices.

 The selection, moving, zooming and rotating of required fragment of radar image will be very easy familiar and similar to other applications.

For radar image matching with the landmarks RadarViewe displays the layer of electronic maps as background for the radar image. Maps are downloaded from the chart server made by company MC&S+ or from Google Maps service.

If the configuration of your workstation is equipped with automated information system (AIS) equipment, the RadarViewer will be able to display the symbols of vessels over the radar image and the map layers.

Even if you have yet nothing from products of  MC&S+ company - a built-in demo will allow familiarize with the work of the program and to think about possible options for its usage. (It is recommended to connect the mobile device to the Internet via a wireless Wi-Fi network to reduce the cost of Internet traffic and speed up loading the map).

RadarViewer program does not attempt to replace workstation  but it can be used additional radar image viewer or to become a mobile assistant during start- adjustment or repair .

Download RadarViewer:

The typical usage scheme of RadarViewer: