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Stationary offshore ice-resistant shipping dock (SPD) "Varandey"

In 2008, the stationary offshore ice-resistant offshore loading dock was commissioned (SLOPE Varandey), which is part of the Varandey Oil Export Terminal (VNOT). It is designed to provide non-contact mooring of tankers of 20 ... 70 thousand tons and shipment of commercial oil to a tanker. SLOPE is installed at a depth of ~ 18 meters in the Pechora Sea in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, at a distance of about 12 miles from the coast near the village of Varandey.

SLOPE is a steel coffered structure, the design of which includes a support base with a residential superstructure, fixed on the ground with piles, and a rotary top structure - mooring-cargo device.

The SLIP is equipped with a set of tools to ensure the vital activity of the staff and its safe stay on the platform for a long time. The crew of the SPROP - 8 people, their accommodation is provided in single cabins. In addition, it is possible to accommodate another 4 people in double cabins.

MKiS + CJSC provided the Varandey IDTF equipment with operator display modules (main and backup) based on the PWS-9000 software, three radar servers registration system.

ODM functions:


Registration system features:


Radar server features: