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Kola Bay VTS

With the direct participation of CJSC MKiS +, the RSUBS of the Kola Bay was built and put into operation.

The FSUE “Rosmorport” Murmansk branch provides navigation services using the Kola Bay ship traffic management system (Kola Bay VTS) to vessels that conduct ship calls to the seaport of Murmansk.

The Kola Bay VTS meets all modern requirements and functions in order to improve the safety of navigation, the efficiency of navigation, the protection of life at sea, the protection of the marine environment and the coast in the waters of the Kola Bay and on approaches to it.

The Kola Bay VTS includes the Kola Bay VTS Control Center, located on Cape Abram cape; three automated radio posts (ARTP) located at Cape Mishukovo, Cape Krestovy and Cape Set-Navolok. The “Obzor” radar station located in two cables north of Cape Lagernyi functions in the mode of an isolated object of the Kola Bay VTS.

The area of operation of the Kola Bay VTS is divided into 2 sectors.

Sector No. 1 - from the southern boundary of the Kola Bay VTS operation zone to the line connecting the Great Cape and the Nikitin Cape in the middle knee of the Kola Bay.

Sector 2 - from the line connecting Cape Veliky and Cape Nikitin in the middle knee of the Kola Bay to the northern boundary of the Kola Bay VTS operation zone.

Within the boundaries of the Kola Bay VTS operation zone, reliable VHF radio telephone communication with ships and radar control are provided. The working area of the coast stations of the automatic identification system (AIS) completely covers the area of the Kola Bay VTS.

VTS Center is equipped with:


VTS is equipped with remote terminals (based on PWS-9000) to solve problems:


All the ARTP and the Kola Bay VTS center are equipped with ERPS1-1U radar servers with a hot reserve and the ability to remotely control the radar. Kola Bay VTS provides radar target tracking with a rms error of no more than:

bearing – 0,2º;
in range – 8,6 m;
on the course – 0,9;
by speed – 0,5 knots;