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Kerch Strait VTS

With the direct participation of CJSC "MKiS +", the RSUDs of the Kerch Strait were built and put into operation.

The FSUE “Rosmorport” Taman branch renders navigation services to ships making ship calls to Temryuk and Kavkaz seaports or passing through the waters of these seaports and / or through the Kerch Strait, as well as ships on the approaches to the Taman seaport using the Kavkaz seaport vessel traffic control system (hereinafter - the Kavkaz port VTS) and the Temryuk seaport vessel traffic control system (hereinafter - the Temryuk port VTS) information integration and coordination activities form the regional traffic control system of the Kerch Strait.

The Caucasus VTS includes the Kavkaz VTC Center, automated radio engineering posts (hereinafter - ARTP) "Tuzla", "Lada-Gelendzhik- Trans "," Achilleon "," Mount Zelensky "," food ingredients "and the radio relay post" Fontalovskaya ".

Temryuk VTS consists of: Temryuk Port VTS Center, Temryuk ARTP, and Temryuk Mayak.

RDCS of the Kerch Strait includes:


In the VTS coverage area of ​​the Temryuk and Kavkaz ports, using the AIS, information is provided on the differential corrections of the GLONASS / GPS global navigation satellite systems.

Kavkaz port VTS and Temryuk port VTS, which the Taman branch operates, operate around the clock.

Kavkaz port VTS and Temryuk port VTS meet all modern requirements. In addition, the Taman branch received certificates of compliance with the Kerch Strait RSUDs, formed from the Caucasus Port VTS and Temryuk Port VTS, with the technical and operational requirements for the highest category VTS.

ARTP VTCs of the Kavkaz port are equipped with:


The center of the Caucasus port VTS is equipped:

Kavkaz port VTS provides radar tracking of the targets with an accuracy of 

no more than: