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Compact Radar Simulator


Intended to mimic analog radar signals from all-round viewing. It can be used for testing or input / output monitoring of software and hardware for processing and displaying radar information, as well as for diagnostics, installation and commissioning.

Design Features

It has a compact design, powered by a USB connector, which provides mobility, as well as ease of transportation and storage. It is executed in the case protected from dust. It has no mechanical parts inside. It has a serial interface for programming.


The simulator comes with USB programming software. The software allows you to load into the simulator several different dynamic radar images (scenarios) with different settings for generating signals, different tracks of ships and different static substrates.



Basic technical specifications


Output Signals:


Signal Parameters:

            - Static substrate: 128;

            - Dynamic information on goals: 1;

            - Noise substrate: 128.


Programming Interface:




Built-in Memory: