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Software package of information support for actions of the marine group of mobile objects "SPRUT"



The Sprut software package is designed to provide information support for the actions of the maritime group of mobile objects during joint rescue operations.




The key components of the complex are the automated workplace of the team leader (AWP WG) and the tablet of the leader of the operational boat (PROK).


Interaction Organization


All operational boats are subordinated to the support vessel, which provides the operational boats with information about the navigation situation and manages their actions. The complex provides for the connection of external consumers who are not part of the group, but can receive information circulating in the system to monitor the group's actions. Such external consumers may be, for example, coastal dispatch services.




Mobile group composition

Security Vessel (SO)



Operational boats (OK)



Components of the complex


Sea Complexes and Systems Plus LLC supplies the key components of the complex: the automated workplace of the team leader ( AWP WG ) and the tablets of the managers of operational boats ( PROK).

AWP WG performs:



Collection of information from the onboard navigation equipment of the support vessel: a radar station (radar), an automatic identification system (AIS) transponder, a gyrocompass (GC) and a satellite navigation receiver (SNP).
Gathering information about the coordinates and motion parameters .
Combining information from various sources into a single navigation environment, displaying it on the AWP WG screen and issuing it to PROK and external consumers.
Issuing operational instructions to PROK.

PROK performs:


Reception from the built-in DPR of data on the coordinates and motion parameters of the operational boat;
Transmission of data on own coordinates and motion parameters on AWP WG;
Acceptance from AWP WG of the navigation situation and its display on the screen;
Receive operational instructions from AWP WG and display them on the screen.



Architectural features


The AWP WG software is implemented using cross-platform libraries and can be assembled to work under various operating systems, depending on the customer’s wishes.

PROK software is made on Android OS and can be used in a wide range of Android devices with sufficient characteristics.


Key features of the software package