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Radar Server ERPS1-1U Rack Mount



Version for 19 ’’ racks


The ERPS1 serial module is housed in a 19 ’’ housing just 1U high! The case is protected from dust, there are no fans inside the case, which contributes to the long life of the product. All connectors are located on the front of the device, providing ease of installation


Radar compatibility


The radar processor allows you to mate without additional devices with a wide range of domestic and foreign radar. For interfacing with external systems, you can use up to 6 ports with RS-232/422/485 interfaces. Digital inputs are optocoupler.


Dual Power


The basic equipment of the device includes two power sources: from a 220 V AC network and from 9 ... 36 V DC with a backup input.


Modular Architecture


The central processor of the system is designed as a standard industrial module of the ETX format. Depending on the tasks you can optimize the performance of the system and its power consumption.




Application Support

The radar server is supported by a line of software products developed and supplied by Marine Complexes and Systems Plus LLC.


Basic technical specifications


System Features:


Radar Processor: