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Company reorganization

On January 12, 2018, an entry was made in the Incorporation of the reorganization of the Joint Stock Company Marine Complexes System Plus (CJSC MKiS +) in the form of transformation into the Limited Liability Company Marine Complexes and Systems Plus (LLC MKiS +) .

According to Art. 58 of the Civil Code of the LLC MKiS + is the assignee of CJSC MKiS + for all obligations.

In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 7 of Article 3 of the Federal Law of 05.05.2014 No. 99-FZ, a change in the name of a legal entity does not require amending the title documents and other documents (including contracts and agreements) containing the former name of the legal entity. All contracts and agreements concluded earlier by ZAO “MKiS +” are valid and remain valid.

From January 12, 2018, new company details are in effect:

Name of the legal entity Limited Liability Company Marine Complexes & Systems Plus
Location Address Russian Federation, 199034, St. Petersburg, 13th line of Vasilyevsky Island, 6-8, office 43Н
TIN 7801343531
KPP 780101001
OGRN 1187847003717