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Universal Remote Control

The UPU-APM universal control panel is designed for mounting on a horizontal or vertical surface. There are no fans and other mechanical parts inside the case, which contributes to the long life of the product. All connectors are located on the back of the device, providing ease of operation and installation.

OS compatibility

UPU-ARM is compatible with Linux and Android OS, it has a built-in graphics subsystem (hardware support for OpenGL ES graphics is possible).

Application Support

The new radar processor is supported by a line of software products developed and supplied by Marine Complexes and Systems Plus LLC.

Sound subsystem

UPU-ARM has a built-in audio subsystem based on the audio codec TLV320AIC3104. The remote is equipped with built-in stereo speakers and a microphone. The remote has the ability to connect external speakers and an external microphone through the jacks on the back panel.

Modular Architecture

The central processor of the system is designed as a standard industrial module format SMARC. Depending on the tasks you can optimize system performance and its power consumption.



Software Development Support

Software developers are provided with a wide range of open-source and commercial tools for developing, debugging and implementing software, supporting graphic and sound libraries.

Basic technical specifications

System Features:


External Interfaces: