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MORS8 embedded radar processor


Innovative approach

A new modular architecture for building a radar image processing system, in which a powerful computing system is designed as a compact embedded module and optimized for processing radar data. This allows the use of the MORS8 module in almost any form factor and temperature range.

Unique features

The MORS8 module can be used both for preprocessing a signal and transferring it to an Ethernet network, as well as for creating a radar indicator, thanks to the built-in graphic video system.

High performance

The MORS8 module includes a DSP processor operating at a frequency of 600 MHz, as well as a FPGA-based radar coprocessor. The module is equipped with DDR2 memory with a total volume of up to 1GB, which allows inter-beam and inter-review filtering of radar information at sampling rates of up to 80 MHz.

Low Power

Low power consumption MORS8 allows you to create compact sealed versions of radar processors and radar servers without mechanical cooling systems, operating in all climatic conditions.



Application Support

The radar server is supported by a line of software products developed and supplied by Marine Complexes and Systems Plus LLC.



Graphics subsystem

The module has an integrated graphics system with a graphics accelerator optimized for working with several layers: a map, traces, a radar picture, target marks, a user interface, and hardware-synthesized viewfinders / cursors.

Basic technical specifications

Radar Image Processing: